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Domestic Courier Services and Controlled Goods

The controlled goods regulations specifically state that persons who examine, possess or transfer controlled goods must either be assessed or exempted. It would seem to follow, therefore, that courier services transporting controlled goods or technologies would have to be registered with the Controlled Goods Directorate and its employees assessed by their designated official.

However, that is not the case. Companies can only become registered persons if they  demonstrate that they handle controlled goods as a part of their primary business. That is why cleaning services cannot become registered, even if their employees might work in an area where controlled goods are stored. In the case of the cleaning service, or other similar contractors, they must be escorted at all times and controlled goods stored safely away while they are working. As cleaning services generally work after hours, registered businesses and universities often hire permanent workers who are assessed by the organization’s designated official.

The Controlled Goods Directorate has taken a different stand In the case of domestic couriers. In conversations with Avidaid, they stated that as long as the courier only transports controlled goods and never stores them, they do not have to be registered. A package containing controlled goods or technologies could be picked up at a university in Ontario and delivered to a business in Alberta as long as it was never warehoused. Packages that are warehoused must be transported by a registered courier company or customs brokerage firm, as is the case when exporting items from Canada.