When viewing controlled goods on a computer screen, assessed personnel must take measures to guard those screen from the sight of non-assessed persons.

In a cubicle or room, the screen must be positioned such that no one entering the area can view it. This can be easily achieved by positioning the screen so it faces away from the entrance. If a non-assessed person needs to step around the desk, turn the monitor off or blank the screen. If an operator must leave a cubicle or room, they need to check any controlled goods back in and log out. Of course, everyone must keep their password secure and only reveal it to an assessed supervisor or the designated official.

When traveling, assessed personnel must only use a laptop or mobile device when alone in a hotel room using a secure virtual private network (VPN) that was setup by an assessed person in the IT department. Using a device in public could allow non-assessed people to see the screen. ThisĀ  can include hotel lobbies, restaurants, parks, beaches, subways, aircraft or any other place where there is a danger of someone viewing controlled goods.

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